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10 Awesome Books Every Girl Should Read

10 Awesome Books Every Girl Should Read

Peggy Liu

I wasn’t always a writer. Like many other writers out there, I was an avid reader before I developed the grammatical acumen and the aura of glib cynicism required in the “writer” job description. *cue awkward chuckle in the back* In fact, I doubt I would’ve become a writer if I hadn’t first fallen in love with books.

Good books can change your life. They leave you feeling more than inspired; they make you fall in love or feel empowered in some respect. Need help finding your next awesome read? I got you covered! Here 10 guaranteed good books that (I think) every girl should read! What are you waiting for, girl? Dig in!

The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty – Amanda Filipacchi

This captivating novel is a delicious cocktail of murder mystery, social commentary on female beauty standards, romance, psychology, and surrealist fiction. Whew, that was a mouthful. It’s a great book for creative minds to find inspiration in the magical and strange. It also provides profound insight for anyone struggling with the pressure to look “beautiful” in order to find true love.

Circe – Madeleine Miller

Fiction lovers need to check this one out (and “ooh” and “ah” over the gorgeous cover). Within the tangled themes of love, trauma, feminine power, loneliness, and belonging, Miller weaves a powerful story about a woman finding her voice and asserting her place in a dangerous world. Though it’s set in fictional ancient times, this story would likely resonate with many women of today–especially those attempting to heal from male-inflicted trauma.

Becoming – Michelle Obama

Let’s be honest, this one needs no additional summary or selling point. The former FLOTUS could write anything, and it would naturally broadcast to the world, “READ ME!!!” Indeed, this memoir is every bit as inspirational as you expect it to be and more.

The Measure of My Powers – Jackie Kai Ellis

If you’re struggling through the trifecta of a crappy relationship, uninspiring job, and mental illness, you might find inspiration in this memoir. Kai Ellis reflects on her personal challenges with depression, her dream of opening her own bakery (which is now a flourishing establishment on Fir Street), and her journey of discovering the incredible measure of her powers. Bonus: the book comes loaded with gorgeous photography and mouth-watering recipes.

What’s Your Creative Type? – Meta Wagner

It turns out that not all creative people are made equal. Wagner explains the five different creative personality types, struggles each type faces, and tactics you can use to bring out your best creative self. It’s a great book to help artists and innovators further understand their craft and their beautiful, crazy minds.

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

Creative queens, this is your jam! Be ready to get a little uncomfortable as Gilbert brings you to confront the fears holding you back from truly springing into your creative potential. By the end, you’ll trust yourself to unleash the big magic that was in you all along.

Thrive – Ariana Huffington

What does it mean to be successful? For basically as long as anyone can remember, success comes in the form of financial wealth, status, and power. But, as many of you know, there’s more substance and meaning to life than just hustling until burnout for this kind of success–and we can thank this amazing entrepreneurial queen for putting the whole argument for this into words.

Girl Code – Cara Alwill Leyba

All you boss business babes out there, this is for you (especially if you happen to also juggle the responsibilities of motherhood along with those of your career). If you love this book, check out Alwill Leyba’s podcast called Style Your Mind.

Atomic Habits –  James Clear

If you’re looking to end your habit of procrastinating, make this book your best friend. Clear breaks down the psychology that develops and perpetuates unproductive habits and teaches you the four laws of creating good habits to get you on the right track.

Quiet – Susan Cain

Introverts and extroverts alike should give this book a chance. Not only does it give validation to us oft-overlooked introverts, it helps our extroverted counterparts understand our quirks better. Cain does an amazing job dissecting the pro-extrovert business culture we live in while highlighting the unique value introverts bring to the workplace. If you like this book, also check out her TED Talk online!

What are some of your favourite books? Share in the comments below!

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