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5 NEAT Tips for Staying Organized in Your Home Office

5 NEAT Tips for Staying Organized in Your Home Office


As a working mamma, I fully understand how tricky it can be to get everything on that growing to-do list accomplished.  There have been plenty of times I’ve sat down to write an email and got distracted by a list of unread messages, an appointment I have to quickly book or a pile of recipe ideas I’ve been wanting to try!

I’ve found that having a small home office set up that is maximized for efficiency allows me to better use the time I have to focus on getting tasks done. Even if its just 5 mins between loads of laundry. A NEAT space can make sure you use the minutes you do have most effectively and avoid distractions. 

Here are a few tips to help you set up, or refresh your home office to make sure that you are making the most of your time and space. 

Magazine Holders are not just for Magazines

Not every book is worthy of a shelfie! If you have books, papers or items that are less than lovely to look at, don’t feel you have to dump them. Using matching magazine holders to contain and hide them. This not only makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for but also makes small spaces feel less cluttered. These magazine holders are great for storing printer paper, files, recipes, maps, photos, notebooks and so much more.

Contain messy categories

It’s easy to just start dumping your clutter into boxes and hiding it away! Take the time to figure out what categories are important to you and use each box for just that purpose. For example, craft supplies, office backstock, paints, or family photos. Label the outside of the box so that no other items get tossed in and limit your buying to the space you’ve allotted (ie. Don’t buy more scrapbooking paper if it doesn’t fit in the box you’ve set aside for it).

Reuse vessels you have

Keeping like items categorized helps maintain order in any space. No more searching for pens or just dumping business cards in any drawer. Create a home for each item in your space, and feel free to re-use boxes, bins, and containers you already have. These jars are old candle holders that I’ve used up and cleaned. They make for a great decorative addition to your space as well as functional for holding a category of items. 

Have a “Quick Sort” spot

This file organizer from IKEA is a great spot to quickly sort paperwork into. This way the papers don’t pile up on the countertops or desk. Take a few seconds while you’re holding the paper/mail/prescription and sort it into the right slot and eliminate the junk/unnecessary (think flyers, envelopes, unwanted recipients). Then when you have a few minutes to spare, you know exactly what items to action on, no wasted time.

Organize your computer files too!

Don’t forget to deal with your digital clutter too! Set the timer for 10 minutes and start sorting and editing down your documents. Trash downloaded files you don’t need anymore, file away personal documents, categorize and file work items, delete junk mail, set up a filing system in your inbox so only the most important action items are left in your inbox. There are tons of ways to make your computer feel like it’s working for you rather than the other way around!

And don’t forget to empty your trash when you’re done!

Creating a clean, organized space for work will make you more productive and less inclined to get distracted. It doesn’t have to take much time or money to make your space effective. If you ever need a little inspiration or have any questions feel free to reach out on Instagram @vancouverneat 

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