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How to Design the Perfect Home Office

How to Design the Perfect Home Office


Most of us are working from home now, adjusting to a new reality and trying our best to stay productive. While it can be tough trying to get work done with everything going on, giving your home office a bit of design love can do wonders for productivity. Not to mention, it’s super fun and actually kinda relaxing! Below, Interior Designer Maria Decotiis shares her 6 tips for designing the dreamiest home office.

Select a Space With Windows

It’s been shown that natural light helps us focus better. It also just makes us happier, providing Vitamin B and D and boosting our immune systems. When considering the layout of your home office furniture, I recommend having your desk face the window. This will give you a pleasing view of the sunshine and also prevent any glare hitting the back of your computer screen.

Keep Your Workspace Neat and Tidy

A disorganized workspace creates a chaotic environment and decreases our ability to focus. Organizing your work area saves time you would otherwise spend searching for things, increasing efficiency. Plus, it’s so much more enjoyable working in a space that is tidy, clutter free and beautiful!

Feel Inspired!

If you’re feeling unmotivated, it could be a sign your home office or workspace needs an upgrade. Since you probably spend hours in this area, it’s important for it to feel welcoming and inspiring. After all, you should enjoy where you work, right? Fill your home office with items you love and things that give you a fun vibe, no matter how large or small.

Add a Personal Touch

Adding personal touches to your workspace is a great way to make it feel more cozy and inviting. Even something as simple as lighting your favourite candle or hanging up postcards and artwork can help turn your workspace into an oasis. Don’t be afraid to really make this space yours!

Invest in a Quality Office Chair

Since you most likely will be spending a lot of time seated, it’s important to invest in a good office chair. Nowadays, there are many ergonomic chairs that are not only comfortable but are also aesthetically pleasing and don’t break the bank. A good chair doesn’t necessarily have to cost hundreds of dollars! There are plenty around the $50-$70 variety that get the job done and are perfect for lengthy work sessions.

Organize Your Paperwork

No matter where your home office is located, it’s crucial to have adequate storage space for all your paperwork. The last thing you want after a busy day of working is to have to tidy up all your clutter and documents from your desk. Having proper storage facilities for your paperwork, from magazine holders to file folders, will ensure you can leave the office with peace of mind and enjoy the rest of your day.

Introduce Layers of Light

Along with natural light, a home office should include three other types of light: general, task and ambient. For general light, install a ceiling mounted fixture, along with recessed lighting, to add overall brightness. If possible, install dimmers on your lights so you can control brightness levels.

Create task lighting by adding a wall light that shines down on a work surface, like a desk or floor lamp. This ensures your eyes are getting the best possible light for reading and filling out any paperwork Finally, ambient lighting can be created by adding a focal light above a piece of art or wall sconce.

Remember, your home office should be a comforting, warm and welcoming space and should be an extension of the rest of your home. Avoid items that make it feel like a commercial space. Productivity is at its peak when you are in a space that makes you feel your best.

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