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On the Road Again: The Owner of Vancouver Fashion Truck Shares Her Top Styling Tips

On the Road Again: The Owner of Vancouver Fashion Truck Shares Her Top Styling Tips

When we imagine mobile truck businesses, our minds conjure up food, coffee or even a library. But when Meghan Currie’s business launched, she had her fashion and retail interests riding shotgun. In 2017, mobile clothing boutique Vancouver Fashion Truck officially hit the road.

After quitting her career as a dental hygienist, Currie took a job in a local clothing and gift store while she worked out her next steps. Five years later, she was managing and running the place like it was her own – except it wasn’t.  “I didn’t have the full creative freedom that I wanted”, Currie explains. “I realized that I had to open my own store. I wanted to do it differently, but brick and mortar felt too easy to fail.”

She decided to take her favourite part of working at the boutique – hosting private shopping experiences – and give it her own stamp. Vancouver Fashion Truck now operates within BC’s Lower Mainland, traveling to local markets and festivals, popping up at spas and distilleries and providing private shopping parties in people’s homes.

A champion of wearable fashion, Currie explains her own everyday style usually comprises of a t-shirt and jeans, which she offsets with additional elements like peplum, floral, lace patterns, textures and bold block colours. It’s this casual yet chic approach that Currie modeled her business on.

Here are some of Vancouver Fashion Truck’s top three tips to ooze elegant, laidback style.

Choose Your Showcase Item

“I’d recommend, every morning, choosing the one item you really are feeling for the day, and then create your outfit from there”, Currie explains.

“For example, if I haven’t shaved my legs, my go-to piece might be my favourite high-waisted girlfriend denim. From there, I know I need one of my cropped style tops or sweaters, and basic jewelry like a choker and studs. Or if I really want to rock my new pair of white fringe statement earrings, I know I just need to finish it off with basic neutrals.

“I feel like it’s less overwhelming styling an outfit this way, and I find you end up wearing more pieces from your wardrobe.”

Buy Versatile Pieces

Investing in pieces that can be worn and re-worn in different ways works well for those looking to refresh a wardrobe without splurging on an entirely new one, Currie says. “You can’t go wrong with buying a couple slip dresses, say one block colour and one print, and a new bomber or denim jacket.

“Also, start experimenting with tucks, knots, and layering blouses or t-shirts over dresses. It’s always fun to turn dresses into skirts that way.”

Going Bold 

Confidence is often touted as key to exploring a new style or trend, but stepping outside of your comfort zone can be easier said than done for many women. What advice does Currie offer for shoppers uneasy about exploring new fashion territory? Turns out looking in the mirror, but covering your face, is the trick!

“A lot of the times we are so used to seeing ourselves a certain way, and wearing certain styles, that we often cannot even picture ourselves wearing something that might be a bit more daring, trendy or out of our comfort zone.

“You can wear the new style around the house to get used to it for a bit, and I bet you’ll start falling in love with it the more comfortable you get seeing yourself in it!”

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