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10 Energy-Boosting Snacks to Enjoy During Lockdown

10 Energy-Boosting Snacks to Enjoy During Lockdown

Peggy Liu

Bring out the sweatpants, gals; we’ve arrived at Lockdown 2.0. I don’t know about you, but spending so much time at home throughout the pandemic has made me a professional snacker (much to the dismay of my jeans’ waistbands).

Nothing wrong with storing some extra fluff for the coming winter season, but considering we’re in the middle of a public health crisis, it’s paramount to keep our bodies healthy. 

Many of us are working from home to adhere to physical distancing restrictions and help reduce the risk of transmission. As you likely have already experienced, isolation can come with some heavy physical and psychological consequences, a few of which include low energy and depression.

To help you out, here are 10 mouthwatering and nutritious snack ideas to make and enjoy at home to support your wfh days with some extra oomph.

Bonus: these snacks are super easy to make and can be prepared in batches–for future hangry emergencies, of course!

Nacho Popcorn

Popcorn in a bowl
Nacho Popcorn Recipe photo by Taste of Home

Popcorn at the movies may not be good for you or your waistline, but popcorn can be a healthy snack when it’s air popped and lightly seasoned. You can pop your own kettle corn if you’re really ambitious, but if you’re somewhat lazy like me you can get a bag of Angie’s BoomChickaPop at your local grocery store.

Energy bites or bliss balls

A popular health snack, energy bites, or otherwise known as bliss balls, are full of a healthy mixture of healthy fats and other nutrients. Ground flaxseeds, hemp seeds, nuts, chia seeds, dried dates or apricots, peanut butter. The fun thing about this snack is that you can basically put whatever you like in them! For instance, check out this recipe for matcha bliss balls.


Avocado aficionados, this one’s for you. Spice up your usual avocado toast by topping it with some good ol’ guac. Enjoy it spread on whole wheat toast or as a dip for tortilla chips.

Crispy Baked Chickpeas


This recipe from Minimalist Baker is for salty chickpeas (yum, chili topping), but I find that baked chickpeas also taste great as a sweet snack! I like to drizzle the chickpeas with a mixture of honey and cinnamon before popping them in the oven. They come out crispy, glazed, and sweet.

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Honestly, who doesn’t love sweet potato fries? This recipe calls for only 3 core ingredients: sea salt, olive oil, and honkin’ sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are full of vitamin A, complex carbohydrates, and fibre, so this homemade snack will keep you full for hours.

Kale chips 

Kale chips are a classic health food fave, but have you also tried baked beet chips? These ones are crunchy, sprinkled with rosemary, and oh-so-colourful. Compared to classic potato chips which are higher in calories, you can probably eat a few extra handfuls 😉

Chia pudding 

Creamy, healthy, delicious. Chia seeds are chock full of fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and other essential nutrients. Top this pudding with berries, banana slices, or some nut butter for a filling and energy-boosting snack. Plus, you can make this the night before to store in the fridge.

Air-fryer eggplant fries

These homemade fries may not be conventional, but they sure sound delicious. Coated with parmesan cheese and air-fried to a decadent crisp, these eggplants are practically hollering, “move over, sweet potatoes, it’s my turn to shine!” 

Hummus dip and veggies/pita

For those of you who love chips and dip, this snack idea could be a healthy, protein-rich alternative. Load up on your favourite veggies or lightly bake the pita chips for that extra crunch factor.

Berry scones 

If you’re craving something a little more decadent, try this healthy scone recipe. Instead of the traditional shortening or butter, this recipe uses whole wheat flour, coconut oil, and greek yogurt.

The trick to keeping your energy up and your mind clear is to select snack foods that pack as much nutrition as they do taste. An easy way to do this is to opt for homemade instead of store-bought or packaged food as much as possible. 

Lockdown can be a tough time for many folks, and so it might be tempting to rely on our favourite comfort foods or takeout from our go-to restaurant for that instant kick of chemical gratification.

Unfortunately, these comfort foods don’t tend to do wonders for our physical and mental health, so try making a healthier alternative instead! Besides, cooking and baking for yourself can be a therapeutic and nourishing act of self-care.

Which one of these snacks will you be making? 

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