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Give the Gift of Wellness With These Virtual Courses

Give the Gift of Wellness With These Virtual Courses


This year been tough all around, and it’s crucial we make time for our mental health. That’s why we’re thrilled that our friend Kim McMullen, founder of women’s non-profit Girl in the Wild, has a bunch of exciting virtual wellness courses for the new year!

Even better, the course fees go back to Girl in the Wild, so you’ll be giving your mental health some love AND helping an amazing cause. What could be better than that?

You First. For Real | An Intro to Meditation for Women

It’s a new year and it doesn’t have to be a shit show—even if it is.

YOU FIRST. FOR REAL is a 4-week, online introductory meditation course (with a little self-love, healing, good ju-ju, and sisterhood rolled in) for women. Led by Certified Meditation Coach Tess Sloane, it’ll be good for your heart and soul, we promise.

BONUS: 100% of the proceeds will fund Girl In The Wild’s FREE confidence-building camps for teenage girls. So while you’re filling your tank, you’ll also be filling the tanks of struggling teenagers, too. It’s a beautiful win-win.

Starts: Jan 12

1.5 hours every Tuesday for 4 weeks

$80 CAD

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Soul Perfect | For women who are done waging a war on their bodies

It’s time to call a truce with your body! Surrender and celebrate that vessel for what it is now, not what you wish it would be.

We know this is easier said than done because—gah! We waged our own war for about 36 years. So we get it.

Join coach Azzah Ahmad who is pretty much the funniest, kindest, warmest, most straight-shooting woman we know who has all sorts of wisdom to share about self-love, because she has had a journey, friends (a journey she’ll share with you).

Starts: Jan 7

1 hour every Thursday for 4 weeks

$80 CAD

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Women + Grief | Workshop series for women in the thick of it

Women are entrenched in grief on the regular. And it’s heavy. Let’s move through it together with Grief Coach Tara Caffelle A six-week course for women in the thick of their Midlife (grief) Crisis.

Starts: Jan 7

1 hour every Thursday for 6 weeks

$120 CAD

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