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20 Things I Learned in 2020

20 Things I Learned in 2020

Peggy Liu

Oh my gosh, you guys, get this: we made it. We fricken finally made it to the other side of 2020!

This year has been incredibly rough for many of us, if not all of us. Sure, we might be a bit worse for wear mentally and physically at this otherwise cheery time of year, but we managed to weather all the shitstorms and curveballs 2020 threw our way. Hopefully, we learned a thing or two along the way.

At this time of year, most of you are likely reflecting back on the events you experienced over the past 12 months (or, I dunno, maybe you’ve wholly tuned out by this point and have buried yourself under all nine seasons of HIMYM. I don’t blame you). I’ve found myself doing the former and here are 20 things I learned this past year.

Credit: Instagram, Mindy Kaling
  1. To format my resumes in Canva and not Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Seriously, everything looks better if you put it through Canva. Canva is basically the cooler cousin of the latter two.
  2. If I don’t want to spiral into a meaningless pit of despair, I have to remember to be grateful. Especially when life sucks.
  3. No one will make fun of me for randomly picking up garbage around my neighbourhood. Some people will even thank me.
  4. Too much comfort food doesn’t actually give you comfort. It’ll give you other things though…
  5. Women can absolutely achieve anything. Let’s give another round of applause to Madam Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris!
  6. No one enjoys video calls. No one. Like, where do I even look???
  7. Good people can have racist or prejudiced beliefs.
  8. Eating to feel good and exercising to move my body is much better than working out for aesthetics. At least, until I try to put my pre-covid jeans back on.
  9. Vegan/sustainable makeup is just legit and as flattering as regular makeup. Elate Cosmetics’ makeup products definitely are.
  10. Rejections to my job applications aren’t a rejection of me–even when all 200 of them have been rejected.
  11. Boys who like you will absolutely make sure you know. So don’t wait around for no icy fuqboi!
  12. Don’t look for the perfect job; look for a great boss.
  13. Saying no is SO empowering and it gets easier with practice. I literally don’t have to put up with anything I don’t want to put up with.
  14. How to drive in the crazy streets of downtown Vancouver. It’s amazing, the lengths I’ll go to for a Tinder date (unfortunately, he turned out to be an icy fuqboi).
  15. Sometimes, I am the problem.
  16. Stand-up comedy is the perfect cure for the blues. Put on a Kevin Hart Netflix special and get me a bowl of popcorn, and I am guaranteed to feel better.
  17. Always check the reviews of a brand before purchasing from them, or you may end up dealing with terrible customer service and pay an additional $36.84 for international shipping and tracking to return your purchase like I did.
  18. How to bake the perfect pumpkin bread.
  19. Not everyone in the corporate world is a ruthless, robotic asshole. Just mostly everyone.
  20. You absolutely can buy happiness. It comes in a crinkly bag labeled, “Kettle Brand Chips”.

I mean, these are just a few of the lessons I learned from this crazy year. 2020 was a lot. 2021 will likely bring many,many more challenges and lessons learned, so stay tuned!

What are some lessons YOU learned in 2020?

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