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5 Ways to Make Working From Home Easier in 2021

5 Ways to Make Working From Home Easier in 2021

Do you sometimes have trouble separating work life from home life? Yup, I know I do!

We are living in this continuous loop that restarts every morning. Structure has vanished. Most of us are teleworking longer hours, on the verge of having conference calls while showering–because why not?

I’ve been working from home in Canada way before the pandemic, so my transition to this mashed-potato normal hasn’t been as harsh. But these remote work tips helped me keep my business and household running throughout the year–without burning out.

Prioritize “Inner Me” Time

Nurturing ourselves allows us to show up for others –partners, family members, coworkers, and clients. Schedule self-care blocks every day and commit to spending that time wholeheartedly on you. Whatever that means to you.

I spend the first hour of my mornings practicing yoga, brewing coffee and meditating. Replacing my commute time with this routine has transformed the energy I bring to my desk. 

Schedule Everything (Especially Breaks)

Grab pen and paper or your favorite calendar app and start a weekly schedule. Set your work hours, end of workdays, and breaks, but don’t overschedule yourself. Include some flex-time for the occasional (emphasis on occasional) home task or errand. And add white space to simply rest.

If you are a business owner or have a flex schedule, you may have the freedom to distribute your work as you wish. Think: “when do I feel most productive? and for what kind of tasks?” Then block your days per activity type considering those variables. 

For example, my mornings are for admin and business development tasks, followed by marketing efforts before lunch. I do my writing and creative work in the evenings. That’s when I feel most inspired.

Schedule many breaks and ensure you take them entirely (none of that working-through-lunch crap). Don’t work to the point of hunger as this doesn’t serve you or the people around you!

Set up an Inspiring Workspace (Closets Allowed)

We know how important it is to have a designated home office, away from distractions. But you can kick it up a notch by making it lively and incorporating tools that put you in work-mode. i.e., creative knick-knacks, office mugs, cute notebooks, and ALL the highlighters! My home desk is where my “Create or Die” coaster really shines.

Your workspace doesn’t have to be a fancy office. I’ve heard success stories about unconventional spaces like collapsable desks, attics, garages, and walking closets.

Set up boundaries with your family and ask them for support. If you are all working from home, communicate and get some privacy (unless you want them “Zoom-bombing” your calls).

Meet Your Best Friend: A Task Management System

Whether you are more of a million post-its kind of gal, a list maker, or an app geek, a task management method will keep you on track.

People call me “MarianAsana” for a reason. Asana has been life-changing! This task management software became my most trusted ally when navigating my business, side hustle, and home tasks. Other similar platforms are Monday and Trello

No matter the approach, the key is to identify goals, set up projects, and schedule deadlines. Then break those down into the smallest tasks to achieve results!

Above All: Be Intentional

Be present! Sporadic breaks to wash a few dishes during work hours can help clear your head, but be mindful about this turning into home-chore-galore.

Resist the temptation to go on a work email spiral or “doomscroll” while spending quality time with your family. Set screen time limits, ditch the phone, and be there for each other.

Ultimately, make your WFH routine your own and find what suits you!

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