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7 Ways to Help and Make a Positive Impact During the Pandemic

7 Ways to Help and Make a Positive Impact During the Pandemic

This new reality has shaken up our homes, our jobs, our relationships, and pretty much the entire world as we know it. Some provinces in Canada are still facing lockdowns with strict measures due to increased COVID-19 cases. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

Though we may be feeling alone and powerless, supporting each other can have a strong snowball effect. It can strengthen community care and impact thousands while bringing us joy in the process.

Here are some ways to help others during the coronavirus pandemic. Hop into the “caremongering” train with us—yes, I promise that’s a real word!

Save Lives by Sewing Masks

We can’t speak enough about the importance of wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

If you love crafts or are up for a manual task, make homemade masks for your friends, family, neighbors, or people in your area that need them.

You can also volunteer to sew masks for underserved populations and shelter staff members.

Feed Our Heroes

Healthcare workers, caregivers, grocery store employees, and many others gained our utmost respect during the pandemic. Thank your community heroes by delivering meals to them or donating to frontline organizations that do so.

Some initiatives even pair each contribution with food from local restaurants, which is a big plus! #supportlocal

Go Local!

Speaking of—small businesses, restaurants, and shops are still struggling to stay afloat. They continue to face changing restrictions and crippling uncertainty. 

We know big-chain deals can be tempting, but show some love to local businesses and entrepreneurs during this difficult time. Get takeout or delivery from your fave grub spots. We all have a role to play when it comes to recovering our economy.

Plus, ’tis the season to buy some (local) gifts!

Share Your Talents

Got a skill or a darn-good quarantine recipe to share with the world? Host a virtual yoga flow, fitness class, or cooking sesh. Give a dance lesson so your buddies can brush up on their moves. If anything, you’ll have everyone cracking up for a change!

Or is there a topic you and your network feel passionate about that could help others navigate this madness? Get together with like-minded peeps for an online panel or a quick presentation.

You can also join volunteer programs to mentor kids or train seniors about all things tech!

Write a Good Ol’ Letter!

If we feel isolated, imagine how seniors must be feeling at care homes without their loved ones right now. We could all use some support, but especially our vulnerable elders.

Write or record a virtual letter for seniors across the world. Tell them about yourself, share a fun story, a colorful drawing, or words of encouragement. Five minutes of your time can brighten their entire day!

Trade Stories

Paperbacks and e-Books have become a safe space for many of us. According to a Canadian survey, people are reading more during the pandemic because they have extra time in their hands and need “more entertainment.” Meaning: We are all looking for a sweet escape!

Exchange books through sites like PaperBackSwap and BookMooch, or release them “into the wild for a stranger to find” with BookCrossing.

Don’t Forget to Check-In

You are probably Zoom-fatigued at this point—let’s be real, who isn’t? But there are other ways to check-in with others. Text a fun meme, become a friendly caller, deliver homemade baked goods or care packages to let people know you are thinking of them. 

And remember to check-in with yourself. Practice daily self-care so you can harness all that energy and give it back to others. It’s a magical cycle!

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