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This New Shop Is Your Go-To Spot for Modern Vintage

This New Shop Is Your Go-To Spot for Modern Vintage


Ask any lover of vintage wares and they’ll tell you every piece has a story to tell. But what if you could bring vintage pieces a modern, contemporary spin? That’s just what sisters Kimberly and Sara had in mind with their new shop, Fraser & Co.

The stylish Chilliwack-based shop sells a mix of modern and vintage clothing and home decor items. The inspiration for the business came from the sisters’ childhood of thrifting and visiting garage sales with their mother. “As we got older, we started to appreciate it even more, the sustainability aspect and the thrill of finding something beautiful in an unexpected place,” says Kimberly. 

Photo: Dylaina Gollub

Like other businesses in Chilliwack’s Central Village, Fraser & Co.’s vibe is instantly welcoming and friendly. “We really just wanted to create a beautiful shopping experience for every person who comes through our doors,” says Sara, “We also have the coolest neighbours so we are thrilled to be a part of this growing community.” 

Beyond being trendy and classic, the shop’s collection of brands is carefully curated with your unique style in mind, so you can create a home and style that best reflects yourself. But shopping vintage also comes with other perks; it’s far more sustainable.

“We are also thrilled that vintage and sustainability work so well together,” says Kimberly, “Choosing to shop vintage can be an important step away from fast fashion and towards more conscious consumerism.”

Visit Fraser & Co:

Where: 9345 Mill Street, Chilliwack, British Columbia
Instagram: @shopfraserandco

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