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This Sisterhood is On a Mission to Cure Our Loneliness Hangover

This Sisterhood is On a Mission to Cure Our Loneliness Hangover


Let’s face it, this last year-and-a-half has been TOUGH. We won’t list all the reasons, you get it. But one impact many of us faced was loneliness. While we’ve been easing back into the IRL world, a lot of us are still feeling residual effects of being lonely, and Sarah Anderson, a tarot reader from Mystic Rose Co., has a name for that feeling.

“I call what many of us are going through now a loneliness hangover,” she says, “There was a time when COVID-19 restricted who we could see and where we can go. Now, after experiencing vaccination and things opening up, there’s still uncertainty. We still aren’t experiencing the same connections as we did prior to COVID-19. And we’re tired.”

Whether it’s Zoom fatigue, second-guessing our plans, or still being wary of crowds, even though it’s “not so bad” anymore, we’re still experiencing loneliness. But Anderson adds that we’re not alone at all. “Sisterhood is almost like taking a supplement for your loneliness, because in an hour and a half session of sharing, holding space, and connecting with your sisters, you’ve filled your cup with connection enough to last you a long time. Many of us have seen our friendships shift and change a lot recently, we all have varying degrees of comfort and levels of what’s acceptable for social get-togethers during COVID-19.

That’s where Rising Sessions Secret Circle, an online sisterhood co-created by Anderson and business partner Ryan comes in. The aim? To create a space dedicated to sharing, hearing, and healing. The group offers a combination of tarot reading and energy healing live on Instagram for free for the community that we call “Rising Sessions”. 

“Now, we’re taking it to the next level, by making the group private yet inclusive, we’ll be able to go deeper and facilitate real change because we’re adding the sisterhood aspect to Rising Sessions and turning into a secret circle of sorts.”

Anderson adds that developing a collectivist mindset can play a key role in alleviating loneliness, in contrast with the individualistic approach society takes. “I think a lot of women, especially type-A personalities and mothers, think that they’re tough and they can do it all on their own. And I believe they can. And it’s much easier when you have a support system of women behind you, celebrating your successes and witnessing you in your sorrows.”

In a nutshell, the collective nature of the sisterhood circle is an antidote to individualism, which would seek to keep us all separate. “There’s a system that’s gaining from your online shopping, binge-watching, and food delivery orders that you’re doing to “fill the void” rather than sitting with those uncomfortable feelings like loneliness. We’re building an alternative to that system and empowering women to meet their own needs first.”

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