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Give the Gift of Florals With Kanizsa

Give the Gift of Florals With Kanizsa


There’s nothing quite like florals to add colour and whimsy to your home. They also make the perfect gifts! Founded by Alisha Khan, Kanizsa Florals creates beautiful floral sculptures perfect for weddings, special occasions, or simple moments. What’s more, these beautiful flowers can last years and look and smell as if they were picked fresh.

Kanisza recently launched a new product in their lineup. We chatted with Alisha to get the scoop!

Tell us about your newest line, Amoura Rose!

Amoura Rose aims to uplift the timeless gesture of giving single roses. When we envisioned our everlasting rose, Amoura, our goal was to forge enduring connections, ensuring that love and gratitude persist beyond fleeting moments. That’s the essence of our mission, and we’re thrilled to see this simple gesture evolve into the ultimate romantic gift, leaving an unparalleled impression.

What inspired the new line?

The Amoura rose concept emerged from a personal practice of mine—leaving heartfelt notes for those close to my heart, a little token of appreciation. These notes evolved into customized keepsakes, reflecting my unique bonds with friends. It’s a simple gesture that brings immense joy, a feeling I’m eager to share with everyone.

Our single rose arrangement features a premium bloom lasting a year, nestled in an antique-style hatbox. But the enchanting part is that it conceals a secret compartment for a timeless message, creating a long-lasting impression. Placing your Amoura rose in a special spot encourages embracing life’s joys daily. Its subtle presence adds a touch of elegance, transforming any space into a haven of beauty and warmth.

What are your recommendations for care and maintenance?

The Amoura rose arrives in its flawless state, with no watering or need to take it out of its charming hatbox. This thoughtfully crafted box enhances its allure and safeguards the delicate stems and petals during transit. For lasting elegance, keeping the rose shielded from direct sunlight and extreme humidity or temperature is best. This ensures it maintains its grace, steering clear of premature wilting or any harm to its delicate petals.

Where are your favourite spots in the home to keep your Kanizsa arrangements? 

I‘ve sprinkled Amoura roses all over my home and office, but my favourite spot for them is my desk. Amidst the chaos of long work hours and endless tasks, my eyes often drift to my husband’s heartfelt message on one of the roses. It always lights up my day, a sweet reminder of the joy that fills my life.

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